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American Clay | Discover a new Natural Interior Wall covering

Improve the air quality of your home | Zero VOC wall covering

Montreal Eco Friendly Recycled Glass Countertop

100% Recycled Glass Countertop | IceStone

Zero VOC Countertops | Some colours on Sale

Green Countertop Kitchen bathroom Montreal

100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper Countertop - PaperStone

Zero VOC Countertops ideal for Bathroom, Kitchen and desktops

Bamboo Floors, Bamboo Panels, Bamboo Veneer | Teragren

High Quality Bamboo Floors and Panels - Teragren

Low VOC Floors and Panels | 9% Discount on any Bamboo Floor

Natural Hydraulic Lime - Canada

Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster for interior and exterior walls

Get 10% Off when ordering in advanced

High Insulation Windows | Energy Efficient Windows

Alpen Windows | Energy Efficient Windows

Improve your energy bill with the Highest R value Windows in Canada, Montreal, Canada

Teragren Fall Promotion 2013 | Save up to $1500

Sept 1st - Oct 31st

Teragren Fall Promotion 2013 | Save up to $1500


Until October 31st, save up to $1500 on any Teragren Wide-Plank Flooring*

The Perfect Lime Plaster for your Straw Bale House

Are you looking for the Perfect Plaster to pair your new Straw Bale House?

Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) Plaster is exactly what you need to plaster your new Straw Bale house! This product is made in France and it has been on the market for centuries, making it trustwhorthy and experienced. Since the price has been one of the most important concerns when wanting to use this product, we have decided to create an LTA program to be able to offer Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster at an affordable price! This makes it possible to build new sustainable houses.


American Clay Services

If you are looking for a professional and certified American Clay Applicator, please contact us. We can assist you with your project.

Our affiliated company called Pure Organic Design Inc is a renovation and design small business and is a certified American Clay partner and we will work with them for your project. By contracting with us, we will be accountable and responsible of the success of your project and we provide a standard one year guarantee on all American Clay installation.

Green Building Materials and Products has been created to provide a single source of Eco-Firendly Renovation and Construction Materials for homeowners and contractors. We test, source and deliver to your home, renovation or construction sites the following range of products.

American Clay Earth Plasters

American Clay Logo

Green Building specialist in Canada

Welcome to our new online store (A subsidiary of Pure Organic Store Inc.) is a newly created retail and online reseller of Green Building products. We are located in Montreal, Quebec and provide green building construction and associated services in Canada principally in the province of Quebec and Ontario. We specialize in high quality green building materials such as Bamboo Flooring and Panels from Teragren, Kitchen and bathroom Countertops from Icestone, Paperstone, Clay plaster such as American Clay, Lime, LED Lighting, 100 % recycled Gypsum etc.. In other words, all the required elements to build a new house or undertake green renovations for your home. 

Although recently opened, we started to research and test materials a year ago. We thought it was paramount in our approach to conduct extensive research before launching our company and present solutions to our clients.

We hope that you will find in our store a comprehensive and exhaustive list of green building materials in Montreal to be used in your green renovation projects.

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