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Naturally Beautiful Walls

American Clay Earth Plasters are a natural, environmentally friendly way to finish any interior. Non-toxic and made in the USA, these plasters are an alternative to cement, acrylic and lime plasters, offering superior color, richness, texture and depth not found with other finishes. American Clay is a good eco friendly choice for interior wall finishes, wall-covering and wall plaster.


American Clay is friendly to installers, homeowners and the environment.

- Evironmentally Friendly

american clay green building certification

- Utilizes a green, No-VOC primer

- Carbon neutral on application

- Low energy required to manufacture

- 100% natural and non-toxic, no Volatile Organic Compound's (VOC)

- No added chemicals to affect indoor air quality

There are four different styles of plaster: Loma bestows a charming, rustic feel with matte colors and organic surfaces; Porcelina's smooth surface and complex colors mimic the highly polished, opulent marble of the Old World; Marittimo's soft colors and speckled sheen shimmer like the ocean; and Enjarre offers a rugged, earthen look in a single-coat plaster.


About American Clay Colors

If you've seen it in nature, you can find it here. No matter where you've been, we have a color to match. With 34 Destination Colors and eight Natural Depth accents, you can recreate your favorite vacation destination, or turn your home into the beach or mountainside you've always wanted to visit!

When you order a 50 lb. bag of our plaster, you will also need to order a color pack of your choosing, which you hand-mix to create the shade and consistency perfect for your project. The natural oxides and ochers used in our Color Packs ensure your finish will be naturally resistant to UV rays and will not experience the kind of fading normally associated with other finishes. And, of course, it will.

When deciding which color to mix with your lime-gauged American Clay earth plaster, here is an important point to consider. Lime has a dramatic effect on ultramarine blue pigments, and our current pigments are not lime-safe.

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About the company

Founded by Carol Baumgartel in 2000, American Clay manufactures a wide range of beautiful, natural intrerior wall finishes composed of 70 % recycled and reclaimed sands, aggregates and shells. Originally based on the European Clay Plaster, American Clay reversed engineered and enhanced the original formulation and develop an outstanding indoor range of wall plasters.

Natural plasters have existed for thousands of years and provides a “sense of dimension” to a room that is difficult to explain. Unlike paints, the particular molecular dimension of product make it react to the environment. It regulates moisture and moderate temperature making the room feels warmer during winter months and cooler during summer. The structure of the material and the thickness of the coating act as a sound absorbing material providing a sense of quietness that you can not get with any other indoor wall covering materials. Needless to say that it does not contain any VOC or harmful toxic.


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Potential LEED credits

Ideal candidate for any LEED certification project, the product can be divided in 4 classes of materials:

American Clay Loma

First and original plaster developed by American Clay. Loma™, meaning ‘earth’ in Spanish, conveys the essence of suede through its sensuous matte surfaces resembling the textural delights of a Tuscan farmhouse. Made with reclaimed marble, sand, and multiple clays , this formula offers a remarkable breadth of surface possibilities.

American Clay Marittimo

This range of Clay uses recycled, crushed shells from the U.S. Gulf Coast. This plaster top coat brings the greatest textural of all American Clay: faceted luminescence produced by burnishing and light sponging brings back the spirit of the shells used in this formulation…

American Clay Porcelina

This clay is often compared to the Venetian plasters of Italy. Porcelina is truly closest to quality of ‘porcelain’ ceramics—for which it was named. Satin smooth, easily blended for marble-like surfaces, Porcelina casts a spell of beauty…with an edge of contemporary, crisp lustre. Sometimes mixed with lime putty, Porcelina™ is the most frequent choice for formal interiors.

American Clay Enjarre

Enjarre (prounounced n-har-ray) is the newest single coat ‘color integral architectural coating’. Enjarre brings a new dimension to the application of American Clay Natural Plasters. Created to offer affordability for large commercial projects. Enjarre provides a unique option to homeowners or builders where they can choose to start with a single coat of color integral plaster and later upgrade with a second coat of one of our premier plasters. Highly or barely textured.

Lime Putty

Lime Putty is a pure high-calcium lime putty to be used in conjunction with the American Clay plasters (Loma, Porcelina, Marittimo, and Enjarre).  The addition of lime, either by mixing it with the clay plaster (called gauging) or diluting it with water and brushing it across a clay surface (lime wash) offers a variety of new features and options for Wall finishing. A clay surface treated with lime will be brighter in color, harder than without the addition of lime, and more resistant to water. Reserved for the time being to professionals, this North American-produced putty is one of relatively few on the market that is eligible for LEED points in the green building process. 


LEED Credit.

American Clay earth Plasters contribute to US (USGBC) and Canada Green Build Council's (CAGBC)  credits, under the LEED-NC rating system, version 2.2. The potential LEED credits identified below must be validated based on your specific project. Please see the USGBC and CAGBC document for more details.

Potential LEED Credit Data
LEED Chapter and Credit Maximum Points
ID - Innovative Design

1 Point

MR - Materials and Resources


MR Prerequisite 1 - Storage and Collection of recyclables Required

1 Point

Construction Waste Management- MRcr2.1 and 2.2

1 to 2 Points

Recycled Content - MR cr4.1 and 4.2

1 to 2 Points

Regional Materials - MR c5.1 and 5.2

2 Points max (0 in Canada)

Rapidly Renewable Materials - MRcr6

1 point

Low-Emitting Materials EQcr4.2

1 point

Innovation in Design - IDcr1 - 1.4

1 point

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Product Application

American Clay application is very easy and user friendly. Easy to mix, work with and clean up, have no odor and is easy on the hands.

Material Safety Data Sheet

The basic application on surfaces require 4 major steps to complete the plastering:

1 - Substrate preparation - The wall surface you will plaster over. Include general preparation and Sanded Primer Application. It my varies depending of the substrate.

2 - First Coat application - First coat of plaster, which is aways LOMA.

3 - Second Coat application - Second coat of plater can be LOMA, PORCELINA, or MARITTIMO, adjusting the texture if desired.

4 - Compression - After the second coat is dry, you must use one of the techniques to compress and stabilize the surface. The techniques are: Sand Finish (sponged) or Matte Finish (hard troweled).


The basic equipment that you will need for the application is the following, for a complete list of materials for American Clay Application click here

- Painters Tape

- Pump Style garden Sprayer or Airless Spray

- 5 Gallon Buckets 

- Tile Sponge 

- Trowels

- Plaster Hawk

- Power Drill With Mixing Paddle 

- Brush

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How to Order

American Clay have 4 kinds of plastersLoma bestows a charming, rustic feel with matte colors and organic surfaces; Porcelina's smooth surface and complex colors mimic the highly polished, opulent marble of the Old World; Marittimo's soft colors and speckled sheen shimmer like the ocean; and Enjarre offers a rugged, earthen look in a single-coat plaster.

The first coat must be always with LOMA.

For each bag of Plaster you will need one bag of pigment of your choice.

If you need less than one bag, we sell it per Sq Ft. You can check our pigment data table, and calculate how much of the product you will need, and we send to you the correct quantity as your need.

We have up to 42 colors to be picked, you can click here to see our catalog of colors.

Each of the plasters has different size aggregate that determines the finish application thickness. The American Clay coverage are:

PRIMER 180 to 220 Sq Ft per GALLON
MUD GLUE 180 to 200 Sq Ft Per PACKAGE
SEALER 180 to 220 Sq Ft per GALLON - specific locations only
LOMA 180 to 200 Sq Ft per BAG - always the base coat
PORCELINA 250 to 350 Sq Ft per BAG - finish over LOMA
MARITTIMO 160 to 180 Sq Ft per BAG - finish over LOMA


Our Online Catalog offers the full list of American Clay products. You can buy online, and if you have any further questions, we will be glad to help you.

We ship American Clay products anywhere in Canada (Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskaton, Regina, Edmonton, Halifax, Saint John, Prince Edward Island PEI, etc ...), Please do not hesitate to contact us for a shipping quotation anywhere in Canada!

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American Clay Care and Maintenance



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Product Warranty

American Clay Enterprises, warrants that, for a period of one year from the date of the first sale, American Clay products will be free of defects in materials and workmanship, and that when properly handled and fabricated, will conform, within accepted tolerances, to applicable manufacturing specifications.

* For complete warranty details, please download the American Clay - Warranty below.

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