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About TeraGren Bamboo

Teragren is a U.S.-based manufacturer of fine bamboo flooring, bamboo panels, bamboo veneer, bamboo parquet butcher block and bamboo countertops. TeraGren is also a company on a mission. Like all businesses, wants to be successful. But Teragren's definition of success includes not only high-quality products and excellent customer service but also environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and business practices.

Teragren's floors are FloorScore®-certified, which means they've all been tested for 78 VOCs. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that Teragren floors have achieved one of the most rigorous indoor air quality standards in the world.

You can also expect from Teragren a variety of flooring styles, colors and installation methods. Information on our specifications and test results, including the Janka hardness test, is available here on our web site.

We ship Teragren products anywhere in Canada (Montreal, Toronto, or anywhere in Canada). Please do not hesitate to contact us for a shipping quotation anywhere in Canada!


Teragren environmentally smart & friendly

Teragren have been committed to developing and manufacturing beautiful bamboo products that:

- Reduce dependence on dwindling timber resources

- Rely on renewable-resource materials

- Adhere to stringent, environmentally sensitive specifications

- Promote green building

- Help neutralize our company's environmental footprint

- Sustainably harvested Optimum 5.5® Moso bamboo

- Carbon sequestration: cleaner air, carbon offsets



Teragren FSC Pure certified bamboo

Teragren's FSC-Pure products are available immediately through special order, and include popular products featured within the company's lines of bamboo flooring, countertops, panels and veneer.

The FSC-Pure designation means that certified products have been harvested in a FSC-certified forest, are manufactured with 100 percent FSC-certified material and are distributed and sold through an FSC Chain of Custody (COC)-certified distribution channel. (Certificate #SCS-COC-002912).


Potential LEED credits

Teragren LEED credits

Teragren bamboo flooring, panels and veneer contribute to LEED certification Teragren bamboo products contribute to certification under the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® v3 Rating System in three areas. Bamboo is naturally a rapidly renewable resource, so Teragren products contribute to MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials and Teragren's FSC-Pure bamboo products contribute to MR Credit 7: Certified Wood.


Potential LEED Credit Data
LEED Chapter and Credit Maximum Points

        MR - Materials and Resources credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Mateirals

1 point

        MR - Certified Wood credit 7: FSC certified wood

1 point

LEED v3 IEQ credit 4.3: Low-Emitting Material

1 point

LEED v3 IEQ credit 4.4: Low-Emmiting Materials-Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products

1 point

LEED v3 IEQ credit 4.4: SCS Indoor Advantage Gold-Certified panels and veneer with no-added-urea formaldehyde adhesive

1 point

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Teragren Manufacturing tour 




For Teragren bamboo products, the manufacturing process does not begin at the factory or in the fields. It begins with a business model that places responsibility for product development, manufacturing and sustainable practices squarely on our shoulders. We achieve our goals only by working with extremely qualified and highly committed distribution and retail partners.

Optimum 5.5® Moso, a Teragren exclusive

Although there are more than 1,200 species of bamboo, Teragren specifies only Optimum 5.5 Moso (Phyllostachys pubescens) known for dense fibers that make beautiful, long-lived products. Our moso bamboo is grown in the Zhejiang and Jianxi provinces of China where the temperate climate nurtures particularly hard, strong bamboo. We insist that the bamboo we use is sustainably harvested at maturity, 5-1/2 to 6 years of age, to further ensure durability, color clarity and stability of our products. FSC-certified bamboo products are now available - just ask!

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How to Order Bamboo Panels and Veneers


Teragren have TRADITIONAL or STRAND panels.

Traditional panels are offered in Cross-ply or Solid-stock style and in NATURAL or CARAMELIZED colors. They also can be Vertical Grain or Flat Grain.

The Traditional panel sizes are 4' x 8' with a variation of thickness.

Strand Panels are offered in solid-stock and in CHESTNUT, WHEAT, JAVA and BRINDLE colors. 

Strand Panels sizes are 4' x 6' with a variation of thickness.

Check our catalog for panels and veneers.

Strand Bamboo with Xcora™ technology: A patented construction method in which fibers of semi-shredded bamboo are interwined in a pressure-treated adhesive base to form a high-density, homogenous bamboo panel without internal voids. Applies to Strand panels, 1/8" veneer and worktops. This proprietary process results in products 154% harder than red oak.

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Suggested applications for Panels and Veneers


How to order Bamboo Flooring

Teragren Bamboo Flooring is classified by the grain and by the type of installation.

The grain can be:

Strand Bamboo: Portfolio Collection and Synergy Collection

Traditional Bamboo: Craftsman II Collection, Studio Collection, Signature Collection, Elements Collection.


The types of installation for the bamboo flooring can be float or nail/glue down.

The type of milling will determine the type of installation.

The Välinge glueless, self-locking system require a float installation. The collections that are included to floatting floor installation are. Portfolio Collection, Synergy Wide Plank and Studio Engineered.

The Tongue and Groove floor require a nail or glue down installation. The collections that are included to this type of installation are: Signature Collection, Craftsman II Collection, Synergy Solid Collection.


You can compare the different types clicking here at our GUIDE FOR TERAGREEN BAMBOO FLOORING.

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Care and Maintenance


Teragren recommends vacuuming or sweeping in order to remove dirt and grit prior to cleaning the flooring. Remove any liquid spills promptly. Exposure to the sun and ultra-violet light can accelerate oxidation (color- change). Periodically rearrange rugs and furniture to allow for consistent aging of the flooring. Use area rugs in high traffic areas. Install wood guards on the feet or legs of furniture.

Do not use wax, oil soap or other household cleaners. Teragren recommends using either WoodWise Floor Cleaner by Design Hardwood Products (800.424.7092), or Bona Swedish Formula® MicroPlus Hardwood Floor Cleaner by BonaKemi USA, Inc. (800.574.4674).

Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of your floor for many years; however, at some time a re-coat or total refinishing may be desirable. To re-coat your floor and remain in conformance with the Teragren warranty, follow the manufacturer's instructions at either of the following:

Basic Coatings Tykote Sandless Re-coating System (800.441.1934) or BonaPrep™ Re-coating Adhesion System by BonaKemi USA (800.872.5515).

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Product Warranty

Teragren has been committed to providing the finest bamboo hardwood products on the market. The Teragren name is synonymous with quality, durability, beauty and uniqueness. Our superior design, production technologies and style allow us to provide some of the best warranties in the industry, subject only to a few common sense exclusions. Teragren flooring products carry a lifetime structural warranty. Teragren's Signature Naturals, Signature Colors, Craftsman II, Portfolio Collection, Synergy™ solid-strip (10mm and 12mm) strand bamboo with Xcora™, Synergy™ wide-plank floating floor with Xcora™ and Studio wide-plank floating floor bamboo flooring products carry a 25-year residential-use finish warranty and a 10-year heavy-use commercial finish warranty. Teragren's Spectrum bamboo flooring carries a 15-year residential-use finish warranty, and a 3-year commercial-use finish warranty. Panels, veneer and countertops are warrantied against delamination or other defects for 5 years from the date of purchase.

Download product warranties:
Residential flooring - Portfolio, Signature Naturals, Signature Colors, Craftsman II, Studio wide-plank floating floor, Synergy™ solid-strip strand and Synergy™ wide-plank floating floor
Residential flooring - Spectrum
Residential flooring -Elements
Commercial flooring - Portfolio, Signature Naturals, Signature Colors, Craftsman II, Synergy™ solid-strip strand bamboo, Synergy™ wide-plank floating floor and Studio wide-plank floating floor
Commercial flooring - Spectrum
Commercial flooring - Elements
Panels + veneer
Countertops/table tops

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