Bamboo Flooring

Installation of Teragren Signature Naturals Bamboo Floor in Montreal


The Project: Brand new Bamboo Flooring Installation

Location: Brossard, QC

Photos of the renovated space in Brossard with Teragren Signature Natural

The homeowners had decided to complete a full renovation of their condo, and approached us with a request for high quality sustainable bamboo flooring. They were looking for a supplier to provide them the exact product that they were looking for.


They had researched that the Moso bamboo species is the most stable bamboo available. Gladly for both of us, Teragren bamboo is made with Moso bamboo, which is harvested after achieving maturity at the age 5-6 years. Teragren is the only brand we have selected to sell for bamboo flooring, and this was decided after testing various other companies at our Montreal office. Teragren far outperformed its competition, and offers the best value between price and quality, and it has a 25 year residential finish warranty!

Bamboo Flooring - Guide for Teragren Flooring

Guide for Teragren Bamboo Flooring

This is some guidelines to help you to compare the different types of Teragren bamboo floor and better choose the bamboo for your home.

Bamboo Flooring Guide: Types, colors and installation

Teragren Bamboo Flooring Guide

There is a variety of flooring styles, colors and installation methods. Following is some useful information that might help you to learn more and choose your bamboo flooring.

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