Osmo - Pro-Polyx Oil - 5125 - Low VOC Eco-Friendly Wood Finish

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Osmo Professional Hardwax-Oil - 5125: Low VOC and Eco friendly.

Pro-Polyx Oil: Professional floor finishing product without solvents.

For application, we recommend the professional Osmo Scraper,

It's the prefect finish for your interior floors, colourless matte or satin. Drying time is 8-10 hours.

Pro-Polyx Oil is recommended for the following species:

  • Alder, birch, cherry, oak, maple, ash, beech, jarrah, austral, cork, larch, elm, OSB, pine, pitch pine, pear, acacia, fir/spruce.

These species require a particularly thin layer of Pro-Polyx Oil:

  • Acacia, bamboo, oak, smoke, eucalyptus, kempas, walnut, American Walnut, olive, teak, tigerwood.

Steps for machine application:

  1. Apply thinly and evenly the first layer with a scraper, approximately 20ml/sq m.

  2. Allow the oil to penetrate for at least 1 hour while ventilating the room well.

  3. Apply thinly and evenly the second layer on the wet surface with a scraper, approximately 20ml/sq m.

  4. Equalize the smooth by machine with a white paper pad. Remove excess.

  5. Drying time is 8-12 hours with temperatures at approximately 18-22 °C and humidity at 50-60%.

Other advantages:

Under 50 g/l VOC

Low odor

Leed compliant

Fast application with bladed trowel and low speed buffer

Protects wood from the elements while allowing for a natural wood grain feel

Engineered oil and wax provides added durability

Eco Friendly and Low VOC product

Available in 1 liter cans

COVERAGE RATE: 1 liter covers 700 square feet per coat.

Shipping: We ship to anywhere in Canada (Toronto (Ontario), Montreal (Quebec), Maritimes, etc). For United States and international shipment, please contact us.

Price: 124.00 CAD
124.00 CAD