IceStone: Green Kitchen and Bathroom Recycled CounterTop

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About the Icestone recycled glass products for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

IceStone is a durable surface that you can use for countertop for bathroom and kitchen. It is also used in some cases for flooring and shower wall but to a lesser extend.

By purchasing IceStone customers have diverted over 10 million pounds of glass from landfills since 2003. IceStone is made from three core ingredients: 100% recycled glass, Portland cement, and pigment. This simple recipe makes IceStone® the world’s safest, most sustainable durable surface and is one of the greenest kitchen and bathroom countertop you can find in the area of Montreal and Toronto. The final product is VOC free.

Along with the commitment to protect the environment, IceStone is committed to creating a healthy product for your home or building. IceStone is certified by NSF International for NSF/ANSI 51, which indicates IceStone is suitable for use in splash zone applications in food-related establishments, such as decorative salad bars, cashier stations, tray counter areas, etc.

We provide Icestone slab, installation and assistance for all customers in the Area of Montreal and Toronto.

The product is available in 20 colors classified in shades in our catalog and come in a standard thickness of 1 1/4". All the colors comes in a standard dimensions of 96" x 52.5 " x 1 1/4".

The ordering, cutting and installation process is almost the same as any other stone countertops like Granit.The key difference is in the type of sealer and wax finishes used to respect the green building process (zero or low VOC products) as well as the particularity of using a concrete matrix. Concrete is a porous matrix and therefore is susceptible to stains (wine or vinegar) and water spots. That being said, Icestone products are less porous than marble so properly sealed and waxed, it will resist to time. 

This product received a Cradle to Cradle Gold certification meaning that a very large proportion (up to 75 % to our knowledge) of the materials used for the manufacturing process are recycled materials.


Product Data Summary
Description Data Comments
Material 75 % Recycled Glass Content, 25 % Concrete Matrix Each year, IceStone diverts more than 2 million pounds of glass from landfills into its precast slabs rather than using natural stone
Manufacturing Location Brooklyn, New York, USA Within the 500 Miles distance from Montreal. IceStone Company uses only local recycled glass and materials
VOC Content Zero VOC Content  
Colors and Dimensions 20 Colors, One Standard Slab Dimension: 96" x 52.5 " x 1 1/4".  
Other Key information Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification  


About Icestone colors and shades:

Icestone uses recycled glass in the manufacturing process and therefore can control the granularity of the product by using different range of recycled glass. Also by using different type of colors of glass, you can have a very different look to the countertop. In some group of products, you can clearly see the type of recycled glass that was used (Wine bottle, beer bottle, colored bottles. etc.). For example, for some Icestone products, you can really see the recycled glass matrix while in other cases you have a uniform product by using a very fine grain of recycled glass.

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Recommended Edges:


IceStone Montreal Recommended Edges


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About the Icestone Company

Founded in the early 2000, the company has now approximately 50 employees and are located in Brooklyn, New York, USA. In 2004 IceStone adopted goals for energy conservation, carbon emissions, water use, and waste management. In 2008, IceStone invested in a water recycling system to capture and reuse all process water from their manufacturing operations saving millions of gallons of water per year. They offset 100% of our energy use with wind-power renewable energy certificates and have a waste program to track and measure progress against reduction goals. Over 90% of their waste is recycled, repurposed or composted. IceStone has a strong social program and provides living-wages, health benefits, education programs and life-skills training to employees and also encourages suppliers to improve sustainability standards.They also buy cement regionally and we advocate for the greening of the cement industry. IceStone continuously conducts product research to seek the most eco-friendly and local materials as possible.


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Potential LEED Credit

IceStone LEED Credit

The potential LEED credits identified below must be validated based on your specific project. Please see the USGBC and CAGBC document for more details.


Potential LEED Credit Data
LEED Chapter and Credit Maximum Points
ID - Innovative Design

1 Point

MR - Materials and Resources


MR Prerequisite 1 - Storage and Collection of recyclables Required

1 Point

Construction Waste Management- MRcr2.1 and 2.2

1 to 2 Points

Recycled Content - MR cr4.1 and 4.2

1 to 2 Points

Regional Materials - MR c5.1 and 5.2

2 Points max

Rapidly Renewable Materials - MRcr6

1 point

Low-Emitting Materials EQcr4.2

1 point

Innovation in Design - IDcr1 - 1.4

1 point



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IceStone Manufacturing Process

IceStone is combining glass and concrete for making colorful and very solid kitchen and bathroom countertops. Combined with a very sustainable manufacturing process, it makes a durable, unique and eco-friendly product taking million of pounds of glass out of the landfill every year. IceStone put re-use and recycling at the core of their operation. Recycled glass from leftover of glass manufacturer are sorted by size and colors. The company can not use recycled glass from the curve or household recycling as it must be free of contaminants and VOC free. The various colors and finishes are obtained by a unique combination of glass, natural pigments, shells from shellfish farms and concrete form into moulds. All of the ingredients of the Icestone kitchen and bathroom countertops are non toxics. Once the mix materials is form into moulds, it is then dry solid resulting in a product that is strong as granit and less porous than marble. The company uses a lot of water during the cutting and polishing product but re-use approximately 85 % of their water waste by recycling in-house most of the water that would otherwise finish in the landfill. The company saves several millions of water that would otherwise finish in the sewage system. Once the slabs are polished using soy based lubricants then any defects are corrected and you can then observe the unique beauty of this product.

The company received the Cradle to Cradle Gold certificate by implementing an manufacturing process where 85 % of the waste is re-used or recycled and have the goal to reach a zero waste objective within the next years. We encourage you to review the attached video to better understand their manufacturing process along with their social and environmental policy.

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   How to Order

1 - Please select the color (or colors), you would like to have for your project. You can review all the options on our online Catalogue or in our Photo Gallery page.

2 - Please select the type of edges you would like to have for this project. Recommended Edges are available in this page.

3 - Prepare an Email with the selected colors, edges and a sketch (or CAD files) of your project and we will prepare a quotation for you. We will likely contact you to clarify some details and to clarify any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can call us at any time to get clarification and discuss your requirements with us.

4 - If you select us for your project then we will send a team to take the measurement on site once your kitchen or bathroom is ready for the countertop and make an exact template. In the event, we can use directly a CAD file then this will lower the cost of the project.

5 - We will cut, polish, seal and wax the product and will provide onsite installation. This will come with a standard one year warranty on the installation.

6 - Alternatively, you fabricator, designer or architect can buy directly the slab from us and manage the overall installation process.

7 - The Online Catalogue provide you an overview of the cost of materials without shipping, installation and cutting. Please note that we store Icestone in Montreal thus reducing the cost of shipping.


Below is the approximately price for the fully installed product, contact us online or by phone for better details. 

Icestone see catalog
Measurements on site 220 CAD
Cut + Seal + Wax approximately 15 CAD (Sq Ft)
Installation  approximately 12 CAD (Sq Ft)
Shipping approximately 250 CAD

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IceStone Care and Maintenance

IceStone care tips

IceStone is a manufactured high performance concrete surface composed of cement and recycled glass. Due to the fact that IceStone has a cement matrix, it is porous by nature, and can be susceptible to etching and staining.

Some popular products that may adversely affect IceStone are coffee, wine, colas, citric juices, oil and vinegar based products, harsh chemicals, bleach, ammonia, and/or acid based cleaning products.

Quickly wipe up spills with hot water, especially acidic liquids like coffee, wine, fruit juices, and vinegar.

Use an all-purpose cleaner for daily care; we recommend several products with a ph between 7 and 10.

Avoid cleaning products such as Windex, Brillo, Ajax, Formula 409, chlorine bleach, Spic n’ Span, or similar products. These may contain ammonia or acids that can cause etching.

Use trivets under hot pans and pots; heat may compromise the sealer Use cutting boards to protect the surface and prevent dulling of knives.

IceStone requires the application of a penetrating sealer in order to prevent the absorption of liquid stains.

Acids can etch the cement in IceStone, so the application of a topical concrete wax is strongly recommended.IceStone should be sealed twice a year and waxed three times a year.

How to remove surface stains.

Use a damp cloth to wet the surface with non – chlorine bleach (we recommend Seventh Generation non – chlorine bleach).

Leave the saturated cloth on the surface until stain clears, which can take 15 minutes to 7 hours, depending on the severity of the stain After the stain is removed, reseal the surface to remove deeper stains:

Contact Us in Montreal, Toronto or IceStone directly so we can help you resolve the issue.

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Product Warranty

Icestone gives a 10-year warranty for residential applications and a 5-year warranty for a commercial application. For more information check the Icestone Warraties below.

Icestone 10-year Residential Warranty

Icestone 5-year Commercial Warranty


For more information about this IceStone product and company

Please visit the IceStone Company website or download the Marketing and technical data sheet in the table below.

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