PaperStone Recycled Countertops and Panels

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About the Paperstone products

PaperStone® is one of the few architectural solid surface materials certified to FSC standards by the Smartwood program of the Rainforest Alliance. Accordingly PaperStone® plays a role in enabling a project to acquire LEED points toward certification. Is ideal for countertops in any room, kitchen, bathroom, restaurant food prep surfaces, conference tabletops, signs and plaques, window sills, cutting boards, cutlery handles, furniture, restroom partitions, cabinets, indoor and outdoor (RainStoneTM) wall cladding, and many more creative uses.

PaperStone® is VOC-free, formaldehyde-free, and emits no radon gases, the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. It has been certified ‘food safe’ by NSF, the public health and safety company. PaperStone® is extremely rigid and dense. It is the greenest composite material available to designers and architects for many applications including: countertops, bathroom vanities, conference tabletops, signs and plaques, window sills, cutting boards, furniture, restroom partitions, cabinets, indoor and outdoor wall cladding (RainStone™) and more.





How is PaperStone® made?

PaperStone® is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper that has been saturated with our proprietary PetroFree™ phenolic resins and selected natural pigments on our treater lines. After trimming to length, resin-saturated sheets are stacked and moved into a press where they are fused together under heat and pressure. Paper sheet count determines the thickness of the finished panels.

PaperStone®’s non-porous surface provides a lifetime of stain resistance and it absorbs virtually no water. Surface cuts or mars may be sanded or rubbed out with an abrasive pad and treated with PaperStone® Finish. PaperStone® is extremely rigid and dense, lending to additional applications beyond countertops such as furniture, vertical panels and partitions, signs and cutlery handles. Its superior strength allows innovative cantilevered designs up to 18-inches of unsupported overhang when using 3/4-inch material. PaperStone® emits no radon gases and is VOC-free. It is heat resistant to 350°F and has been certified ‘food safe’ by NSF, the public health and safety company.


PaperStone Montreal Recommended Edges

Potential LEED Credit

Paperstone LEED Credit

The potential LEED credits identified below must be validated based on your specific project. Please see the USGBC and CAGBC document for more details.


Potential LEED Credit Data
LEED Chapter and Credit Maximum Points
MR - Materials and Resources


MR Credit 4 Recycled Content

1 to 2 Points

IEQ Credit 4.4 Low Emitting Materials

1 Point

ID Credit 1 Path 2 Exemplary Performance

1 Point

MR Credit 2.2 Environmentally Preferable Product

0.5 Point


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How to Order

1 - Please select the color (or colors), you would like to have for your project. You can review all the options on our online Catalogue or in our Photo Gallery page.

2 - Please select the type of edges you would like to have for this project. Recommended Edges are available in this page.

3 - Prepare an Email with the selected colors, edges and a sketch (or CAD files) of your project and we will prepare a quotation for you. We will likely contact you to clarify some details and to clarify any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can call us at any time to get clarification and discuss your requirements with us.

4 - If you select us for your project then we will send a team to take the measurement on site once your kitchen or bathroom is ready for the countertop and make an exact template. In the event, we can use directly a CAD file then this will lower the cost of the project.

5 - We will cut, polish, seal and wax the product and will provide onsite installation. This will come with a standard one year warranty on the installation.

6 - Alternatively, you fabricator, designer or architect can buy directly the slab from us and manage the overall installation process.

7 - The Online Catalogue provide you an overview of the cost of materials without shipping, installation and cutting. Please note that we store Icestone in Montreal thus reducing the cost of shipping.

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PaperStone Care and Maintenance

Do use a cutting board rather than cutting directly on the PaperStone® surface.

Do use a hot pad or trivet to protect the countertop and finish from excessive heat.

Do wipe up spills immediately.

Do wash with hot, soapy water; mild, non-abrasive, eco-friendly kitchen cleaner or bleach/water solution (see reverse side for more information).

PaperStone® is a green product. Look for earth- friendly cleaners. Harsh chemicals can harm people and the environment.

Do dry counter with a soft towel after washing to eliminate water spotting.

Do use The Original Bee’s Wax® spray wax or apply a coat of paste wax after cleaning with a bleach/ water solution or when water doesn’t seem to bead up anymore or the luster seems to have diminished. Generally, it is not necessary to reapply The Original Bee’s Wax® after every cleaning.

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Product Warranty

PaperStone 15-Year Limited Manufactured Panel Warranty

What does this warranty cover?

• PaperStone® panels 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick or greater, permanently installed for residential or commercial countertops, wall cladding or similar uses (see uses not covered below). • Manufacturer defects in your PaperStone® countertops. • Cost limited to repair or replacement of affected countertop piece. This warranty does not include plumbing, gas, electrical, tile, wallpaper, painted surface or trim cost, incurred due to replacement of your countertop.


*For more information about warranty download the PaperStone Warranty PDF below.


For more information about PaperStone product and company

Please visit the PaperStone Company website or download the Marketing and technical data sheet in the table below.

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