The Perfect Lime Plaster for your Straw Bale House

Are you looking for the Perfect Plaster to pair your new Straw Bale House?

Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) Plaster is exactly what you need to plaster your new Straw Bale house! This product is made in France and it has been on the market for centuries, making it trustwhorthy and experienced. Since the price has been one of the most important concerns when wanting to use this product, we have decided to create an LTA program to be able to offer Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster at an affordable price! This makes it possible to build new sustainable houses.

What is the LTA lime program?

LTA stands for Long Term Agreement program. It has been specifically designed to reduce the cost of ownership of a Straw Bale House by significantly reducing the price of one of the best lime plasters available in the market. The purpose of this program is to encourage the use of Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster to truly build a sustainable house that will last for centuries.

It is based on a discount of 40% of the retail price for all Natural Lime Plaster product in large volume orders (200 bags or more). Orders are to be placed 12 weeks in advanced of the application date and fully paid at the time of order.

We are now pleased to launch 5 new, very aggressive and attractive pricing models for all Natural Hydraulic Lime plasters in the East of Canada and USA.

The LTA program is one of these 5 initiatives.


What if I need Lime Plaster before the 12 weeks period?

To make sure that we can provide Natural Hydraulic Lime Plaster at any stage of your project, we offer different types of programs each with an specific  price, which are reflected below:

Prices in CAD per bag (taxes not included)
Type of Lime LTA Program MTA Program Contractor Retail (+5 bags) Retail (1 bag)
NHL 2 38.80 42.80 48.02 53.35 64.02
NHL 3.5 34.80 38.80 43.23 48.02 57.62
NHL 5 34.80 38.80 43.56 48.40 58.08

LTA Program: For Straw Bale or Large Volume orders, 200 Bags Minimum, 8 to 12 Weeks in advance, 100 % payment when the order is placed

MTA: Mid Term Agreement Program requires minimum 1 skid or 28 bags, can be a mix of products, 4 weeks in advance 100 % payment when the order is placed

Contractor Price: Minimum 1 skid or 28 bags, Payment on delivery or 30 days.

Retail price for 5 bags or more

Retail price individual bags

Why did we create the LTA lime program?

Simple! Natural Lime Plaster and Straw Bale are the best pairing for a perfect marriage of eco-friendly and energy efficient houses.

Unfortunately, the price of this product, especially in Canada, is often too expensive to be considered as a solution for a large project such as a Straw Bale house. Because of the complexity of the logistics and the existence of too many middlemen in the supply chain, the prices of this european product are increased, making it a less affordable option for large scope projects.

In the past few months, we have worked with our partners and suppliers to find the best solution to significantly reduce the cost of Natural Hydraulic Lime plaster in Canada and Eastern USA. is now bringing containers directly from France to Montreal (or Toronto) significantly reducing the cost of the supply chain (and associated Carbon Footprint) to all eco conscious customers who wish to use the best eco-friendly lime plasters for their projects.

What are the conditions of the LTA program?

1 - The minimum quantity ordered must be 200 bags. It could be cumulated across multiple buyers as long as we have one person that manages all buyers for us (i.e. we communicate with one person only). It could also be a mix of the 3 types of NHL.

2 - The full payment of the order should be made 12 weeks in advance of the delivery date on site. This condition is based on the fact that this pricing allows us to organize and commit to a specific capacity on containers.

3 - The order can only be canceled at anytime between 12 and 8 weeks before the delivery date. Please note that 200 bags is not the full capacity of the container. We must in fact commit to over 700 bags per container.

4 - We guarantee the delivery 12 weeks from the date of payment. By bringing multiple containers a year, we allocate bags to the LTA program in order of priority. First in, first out.

5 - For any LTA program, the bag of NHL 3.5 and 5 is set at 34.80 CAD per bag. The price of NHL 2 is set at 38.80 CAD per bag (40% discount compared to 1 bag retail price).

6 - In addition, we will offer to all Straw bale builders reduced prices on Pigment bags, Lime Paints, Horse Hair and any other associated products to the purchase of NHL bags.

7 - The cost of Shipping from Montreal or Toronto will be calculated and added to the order. By increasing the volume to our carriers, we will also be able to provide better rates on shipping and will also offer a carbon neutral option to all shipping in the east of Canada. 

What are the steps to access to the LTA program?

Step 1 : Contact us by Email or by Phone.

We are always very excited to hear about Straw bale projects. If you would like more information about this program, the best way is to contact us by phone or Email. We will call you shortly after to discuss your project, your requirements, your expectations so that we understand your objectives.

Step 2 : We will work with you on your project.

We will then need your architectural drawings of the Straw Base House and will start to calculate the quantity and the type of lime. We will engage the technical experts of in France and Canada to find the best option for your project.

You will receive very detailed and clear information regarding technical and financial aspects of your project in order to help you make the best decision.

Step 3 : Final quotation and order preparation

Once all the technical and financial aspects of the project have been covered, we will prepare a final quotation summarizing all of the aspects for the project including logistics, pigments, paints, accessories etc.

Step 4 : Order finalization, commitment and transfer of funds

Once we receive your approval, we will prepare the final order (in our online system) and give you the details for the payment. Please note that cheques, wire transfer and Paypal will be the only payment methods accepted. Credit Card payments are not accepted for this LTA program.

Once 100 % of the payment has been received, we commit to deliver this order at the job site  within a maximum of 12 weeks from the date of the full payment.

Step 5 : Testing phase program

Before receiving the full shipment, we will send you a small quantity (2 bags) of lime plaster with the selected pigments (or lime paint) you selected so that you can test the product and your equipments in advance, ensuring that the colors are right.

This phase will allow us to adjust the pigment colors or lime paint selection before the container arrives in Montreal. The 12 weeks period is very important to adjust the color selection and make sure that everything is ready to go.

You can also test Lime Wash, Decoliss or Tadelak product and ensure that the final touches in your house are exactly as you wanted them.

Step 6: Logistics tracking

We will keep you informed during the 12 weeks period about the situation of your specific order and will inform you when your products leave France and are received in our warehouse in Canada.

We will finalize all the shipping details from Montreal (or Toronto)

Step 7: NHL delivery

All the products that you have purchased will be delivered in a one time shipment from Montreal (or Toronto). You will receive all the information about the shipment in advance . If you are a USA customer, we will manage custom clearance with you for the shipment from Canada to the USA.

Step 8: Follow-up during the building phase.

Our services do not end at the end of the delivery. We will assist you during the full cycle of applying the product and we will be happy to receive photos, comments and news during the entire process of your project.

Step 9: Warranty period.

All products have a 10 year warranty.

Who is

We are an online retailer specialized in high quality green building construction materials. We not only sell eco-friendly products to our clients, but we work closely with them throughout their entire project.

We differentiate ourselves by the fact that we have tested all the products we sell in order to make sure that our offer contains the best quality products.

We are located in Montreal (Quebec) and in Toronto (Ontario). Our objective is to provide our services to the entire Canadian market and Eastern USA.

Questions and Answers:

How can I be sure that the colour will be exactly what I need?

After placing the order and before receiving the full shipment, we will send you a small quantity (2 bags) of lime plaster with the selected pigments (or lime paint) allowing you to test the product and your equipments in advance, and also to ensure that the colors are right based on the local sand that you will be using.

This phase will let us adjust the pigment colors or lime paint selection before the container arrives in Canada.

You can also test Lime Wash, Decoliss or Tadelak product to ensure that the final look and feel of your new house is exactly what you wanted.

Do you provide pre-mix Natural Lime Plaster on this program?

No. Because of the ratio of coverage of the premix, this option increases from 2 to 4 times the price for the scope of the project. This is the main reason why we do not justify including this type of product into the LTA program. It is an eco-conscious and financial decision not to offer pre-mix on the LTA program.

Good quality graded sand can be found in all provinces in Canada and all States in the USA while high quality Natural Hydraulic Lime can only be found in Europe,

Do you already have clients who signed and committed to this program?

Yes, we already have one client engaged in this program. It is for a straw bale house in the east of Canada for a delivery in July.

Do you provide samples of lime paints or pigments?

Yes. Once the order has been placed, we will send you a small quantity of the products so you can test them to make sure the final result is going to be what you are expecting.

Can you ship a container directly to us?

It can be done in Canada or the US but the commitment will be closed to 700 bags. If this is indeed the quantity that you will require for your project, then Intermodal shipping from France to the East Coast of Canada or USA can be organized.

Can I combine the logistics of Lime Plasters with other products such a SeriousWindows, WoodFloor, Countertops etc.?

Yes. We offer to all our Straw bale clients access to our entire catalog of eco-friendly products at a discounted price. Because the shipping will be optimized, the cost of additional products will be significantly reduced.