Add-mix (5 Gallon) American Clay

American Clay Add mix 5 gallon

About American Clay - Add-Mix Additive

Product Description:

ADD-MIX is an additive that increases the durability of the plaster and is excellent for application projects that are at higher risk for damage to occur.

Product Overview: 

Add-Mix hardens the cured plaster coat and increases its durability. This makes it an excellent additive for plasters installed in damage-prone rooms and commercial applications. It is added directly to the plaster while you mix it — substituting it for up to 50% of the water. The degree of hardness in the plaster increases with the concentration of Add-Mix. A slight change in color may occur with Add-Mix. We recommend testing a small area on your wall to see the color change.

Coverage: Varies with concentration. See product application label for additional information.

Weight: 40 lb
Price: 302.00 CAD
302.00 CAD