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Montreal - Chesapeake Bay Color Pigment - American Clay - LOMA Plaster
Montreal - Chesapeake Bay Color Pigment - American Clay - Porcelina PlasterMontreal - Chesapeake Bay Color Pigment - American Clay - Marittimo PlasterMontreal - Chesapeake Bay Color Pigment - American Clay - Enjarre Plaster

About Color Pigments

Color pigment is the add-on product that you mix with your clay to provide the colors and natural accent of your American Clay project. With 34 Colors and 8 Natural Depth accents, you have access to a very wide range of colors and variations.

For each bag or bucket of American Clay product that you use on your Green renovation project, you will need to add a bag of color pigments.

Please follow carefully the instructions of how to mix the pigment with the clay. If your mixing technique is not accurate, you may have color variations or spots of colors that can present.

If you are unsure about the final results, you can send us a set of photos and we will do a quick rendering using the 42 colors and variations. This service, charged at 25 CAD per sets of 2 photos, is reimbursed upon your order of American Clay at our store. To order the rendering, please click here.

**Special instructions if you intend to use Lime putty on your American Clay installation.**

Please read carefully. If you decide to use Lime Putty for your American Clay project, certain color pigments are very sensitive to Lime Putty and can degrade rapidly if not used within 12 hours of color mixing.

This Pigment bag contains a certain portion of ultramarine blue pigment. This blue pigment, used in combination with other pigments provides the Chesapeake color. Unfortunately, Ultramarine pigment is very sensitive to lime putty. Lime will eliminate the coloration of these pigments within 2 days and therefore the overall color of your mix will change. You can use this color pigment solution with Lime putty under the condition that you mix your solution and apply it within a 12 hour window. Therefore, unlike other standard American Clay applications, Lime Putty installation with this type of pigment will set a specific time of installation on your project.

Other color pigment bags that are subject to this condition are:

Bluefield, Chesapeake Bay, Fairfield Green, Havasu, Kentucky Moon, Lake Tahoe, Painted Desert, Powder River, Rio Grande Pecan, Snake River, Taos, Verde Valley

Weight: 870 g
Price: 53.00 CAD
53.00 CAD