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Montreal - American Clay Enjarre
Montreal - American Clay EnjarreMontreal - American Clay Enjarre

About Enjarre Wall Plaster

Enjarre™ (n-har-ray) is at single coat "color integral architectural coating." Enjarre™ brings a new dimension to the application of American Clay Natural Plasters. It was created to offer affordability for large commercial projects. Enjarre™ provides a unique option to homeowners or builders so that they can choose to start with a single coat of color integral plaster and later upgrade with a second coat of one of our premier plasters.

Enjarre™ can also be used as a first coat appliation layer (standard 3 coats application technique or Dos Manos professional installation). Mix with Lime putty, it provides a very strong base first coat for commercial application.

Please note that you can use Enjarre with the full range of 42 American Clay colors. Simply select the base uncolored Enjarre option (base option in the Catalog)

Coverage: *One 63 pound bag of Enjarre, applied in a single coat, will cover 100-140 square feet.


To purchase pre-measured 1 ¼ color pigment packs, please call us at 1 866 524 8583

Enjarre Color options

Enjarre Colors options










LEED Credit.

American Clay earth Plasters contribute to US Green Build Council's (USGBC) credits, under the LEED-NC rating system, version 2.2. The potential LEED credits identified below must be validated based on your specific project. Please see the USGBC document for more details.

Potential LEED Credit Data
LEED Chapter and Credit Maximum Points
ID - Innovative Design

1 Point

MR - Materials and Resources


MR Prerequisite 1 - Storage and Collection of recyclables Required

1 Point

Construction Waste Management- MRcr2.1 and 2.2

1 to 2 Points

Recycled Content - MR cr4.1 and 4.2

1 to 2 Points

Regional Materials - MR c5.1 and 5.2

2 Points max (0 in Canada)

Rapidly Renewable Materials - MRcr6

1 point

Low-Emitting Materials EQcr4.2

1 point

Innovation in Design - IDcr1 - 1.4

1 point




















MSDS and Installation Instructions

Document Comments and Description
Information Data Enjarre Information Sheet
Installation Instructions 3 Coats Installation Instructions
Architectural Spec Architectural detailed Specifications
Mud Glue Instructions MUD Glue instruction for Enjarre product
LEED Credit Details Supplier LEED Credit information brief
Supplier Warranty Detailed Supplier Warranty in English
Weight: 63 lb
Price: 72.00 CAD
72.00 CAD

Please select the type of Enjarre (Default is base option)