Gloss Sealer 1 Gallon - American Clay

Montreal - Gloss Sealer 1 Gallon - American Clay

About American Clay - Gloss Sealer

Product Description:

GLOSS SEALER is a product used to enhance surface sheen while providing additional resistance to water and making the surface easier to clean.

Product Overview:

Like our clear sealer, Gloss Sealer is a very low-VOC product. Its high sheen makes walls easier to clean — excellent for high-traffic areas such as hallways, entries, stairwells and children’s rooms. It also provides additional water-resistance to walls behind sinks and around bathtubs but should not be used on walls in constant contact with moisture. Gloss Sealer must be applied over a coat of our Penetrating Sealer to minimize color changes. A change in color will occur with Gloss Sealer. We recommend testing a small area on your wall to see the color change.

Coverage: 250 to 350 square feet per gallon, over a coat of American Clay Penetrating Sealer.

Weight: 11 lb
Price: 72.00 CAD
72.00 CAD