Penetrating Sealer (5 Gallon)

American Clay Penetrating sealer (5 Gallon)

About American Clay - Penetrating Sealer

Product Description:

PENETRATING SEALER produces a low-sheen layer of protection as well as some increased hardness to clay plaster walls.

Product Overview:

Used as a low-sheen sealer for American Clay Earth Plasters or as a preseal for our Gloss Sealer, Penetrating Sealer is a low-VOC (25g/liter) product that increases the durability and water-resistance of the final plaster. A single coat imparts a low sheen, while two to three coats produce a hard, semi-gloss finish that makes the surface easier to clean and more water-resistant. You can use it on surfaces subject with occasional moisture, such as walls behind sinks and around bathtubs, but not on walls in constant contact with moisture. A slight change in color may occur with Penetrating Sealer. We recommend testing a small area on your wall to see the color change.

Coverage: First coat — 150 to 200 square feet per gallon, depending on the surface texture and porosity. Subsequent coats — 250 to 350 square feet per gallon

Weight: 20 lb
Price: 302.00 CAD
302.00 CAD