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About Recycled Glass Countertop

Icestone - Latte

IceStone is a durable surface that you can use for countertop for bathroom and kitchen. It is also used in some cases for flooring and shower wall but to a lesser extend. The Icestone countertops are made of 100 % recycled glass in a concrete matrix and is one of the greenest kitchen and bathroom countertop you can find in the area of Montreal and Toronto, Canada. The final product is VOC free.


* Price per square feet

The product is available in 20 colors classified in shades in our catalog and come in a standard thickness of 1 1/4".

You can see the recycled glass countertop Icestone application in our photo gallery.

All the colors have a standard dimension slab of 96" x 52.5 " x 1 1/4".


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We provide Icestone slabs, installation and assistance for all customers in the Area of Montreal, Toronto. We ship and provide assistance to anywhere in Canada. We can get you a full quotation including the cut, sealing, installation (only for Montreal and Toronto Area) and the shipping anywhere in Canada. For more information do not hesitate in contacting us.

Weight: 16.3 lb
Price: 53.43 CAD
53.43 CAD