TeraGren Bamboo Countertop - Vertical Grain Natural

TeraGren Countertops - Vertical Grain Natural - Wheat Core

Teragren's Traditional bamboo worktop is ideal for any home or retail décor such as kitchen countertops or restaurant table tops. Extremely durable — 25% harder than red oak. The traditional bamboo face with contrasting strand bamboo core provides a beautiful visual accent.

Colors available: Natural with a contrasting Wheat strand core

All Teragren traditional bamboo countertops and tabletops are made with food-safe, formaldehyde-free manufacturing adhesives.


The TeraGren Countertops are available Unfinished.

Pre-finished Countertop: Mineral oil/beeswax is a food and environmentally safe finish. This allows for the top to be used as a cutting surface and for easy-care. Re-application of readily available mineral oil or one of many commercial blends is needed to maintain the bamboo’s moisture balance and prevent it from drying out excessively. Reapplication during the first year is recommended monthly or twice monthly depending on your site conditions; then every 4 to 5 months as needed, depending on use and cleaning. Constant wetting /drying causes bamboo, like wood, to dry out, warp, check and craze.


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Teragren - Bamboo Countertop Installation 4.6 MB
Weight: 90 lb
Price: 495.41 CAD
495.41 CAD